Sunday, October 3, 2010

Character Design

Right now I think I want my character to be a cockroach named Hoy (like the HoyHoy brand tap-a-roach haha). I wanted him to be a hunchback bug with an evil scientist kind of attitude. The idea is that he's talking to another bug and telling him about a trap-a-roach or Raid and how it will eventually kill them all. Not 100% sure if I want to use him though because I haven't tried animating him yet, but I'm happy with him at the moment!

Edit: The top picture is my draft scene. I didn't make him move around much except for walking from the right to the left. I realized at the end that he doesn't have any fingers to do that "I'm evil." finger tap. So I might just fold one hand over the other :o I don't know if hardly having him move around is a good idea or not? xU

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